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Introducing our new logo.

We are so happy to introduce our new logo and we would like to share our enthusiasm with you!

The Gridmates team and our design consultant (or else our design guru), Dimitris Koliadimas, have been working hard to shape in one icon and one word the deep meaning of our mission.

Our new logo is inspired by our corporate mission, so we would like to remind it to you:

"...Imagine a world where people everywhere give a small amount of energy to those who may suffer from energy poverty. In aggregate, this crowdsourced energy could light up, warm, or cool entire buildings or communities of people. Gridmates was founded to expand on and execute this vision and create the world's first cloud platform that enables the giving of energy. Anyone can participate by offering energy to those in need, to exchange energy with peers, and to collectively pursue the common goal of clean accessible energy for all. Consumers, producers, and prosumers of energy can interact at will taking advantage of modern energy networks and the internet. We are all gridmates. We are all on the same grid."

Within our logo icon you can find the letter --G-- that is formed by one large house (see the envelope of the icon). This large house represents the giver of energy. Inside this house there is a smaller house that represents the person in need.

By donating energy, you share your warmth and you hug those in need.

Thus we tried to capture the warmth of this action in our logo and we really hope you like it!

We are so proud that you are part of our community of energy givers who are shaping the new era of the energy sector.

Please send us your comments at contact at gridmates dot com

The Gridmates Team

Let's energize people's lives!

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